Thursday, 17 January 2013

Extreme Dogs

As you know, Scruff specialises in outdoor gear for active dogs; Hillwalking, climbing, extreme weather conditions- we've got you covered. We thought all that was pretty impressive going for a dog but little did we know how tough some dogs are. Here's two examples of extreme jobs done by our canine companions.

Firstly, our Ukranian pal TreT. TreT has gained fame as a world class freerunning (or Parkour) dog. With only a harness on his back, this fearless Staffy scales walls, jumps hurdles and is just generally pretty badass. What's more, he wears Doggles.

Check out more from TreT on youtube. He scales vertical walls!

So if you thought Freerunning was extreme- how about Skydiving dogs?
Much to our amazement, military dogs complete training to be dropped behind enemy lines. UK Special Forces have most recently been strapping dogs to themselves before parachuting into Taliban territory. 

Pretty cool huh?
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Zeus- The Father of the Dogs

Meet Zeus, a dog of mythical proportions.

It seems that The Guinness World Records have been very busy finding the tallest, fattest and strangest things to walk the planet this year. This video shows you the winner of 2013's "World's Tallest Dog"- measuring a mighty 7"4 on his hind legs. Zeus is a Great Dane with a mild temperament who drinks water straight from the tap. 

It's a good job he's well behaved because we'd hate to be on the other end of the lead when this titan makes a break for it.....

For those non-record breakers out there, our Ruffwear Quick Draw lead is in our January sale for only £7. 

Over and out, 
The Scruff Team