Ruffwear Boots

Get ready for winter with Ruffwear Boots

Get ready for the chilly snow with Ruffwear at Scruff MacDuff this winter. 

Introducing our selection of Ruffwear boots to help keep your loved one warm and carefree when out and about.  

Bark'n Boots Skyliner

  • Lightweight boot with a pliable sole 
  • Suited for low activities e.g. walking or running 
  • Suitable for walking on man-made terrain e.g. pavements, chemicals or salt.   
  • Water resistant stretch cuff to keep rain and puddle water out
Bark' n Boots Grip Trex

Grip Trex - 

  • High traction boot with rugged lug (sole grip) 
  • Suited for hillwalking, backpacking, walking or running    
  • Suitable for walking on natural, rough or unstable terrain   
  • Breathable mesh upper for comfort and ventilation 
Bark' n Boots Liner
Especially designed for wear with the Grip Trek boots, these boot liners will increase the comfort, enhance the fit in the boot, and also make the boot easier to put on and take off.  Made with a tapered cuff, this will keep the liner in place on the paw.    

  • Insulated cold weather boot with extended gaiter
  • Suited for Snow shoeing, Nordic skiing, Winter Hiking
  • Suitable for walking on icy or snow covered terrain
  • Vibram ice specific sole keeps provides traction on snow and ice
To view a video introduction to the Polar Trex - 
Click here.


  1. I think these boots look very good for my dog who recently cut her paw in the water. It looks as if these boots would protect her for the future.

  2. Hi, we're sorry to hear your dog cut her paw. Yes boots would protect her from future cuts should she decide to go into the water again once the wound is healed.

    In the meantime you may also be interested in our newly arrived dog socks (just type dog socks in the search box on SM's webstore page to bring these up). These socks will protect the cut from licking or from dirt going into the wound. You can browse both at SM's website -