Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Look- No Hands!

Spring has sprung and it is time to cast off your winter podge and get back into the great outdoors.

What better way to get fit and blow away the cobwebs of that terrible winter than going on a jog with your dog?

Now, most of us know that often running with your dog is better in theory than in practice. Apart from the most obedient of dogs, most will pull on the lead, meaning it feels as though your arms and shoulders are getting more of a workout than your legs. 

So that's why we've launched our brand-new product, the Jogging Belt and Leash to make getting in shape easier (and more gentle on your hands...). 

The jogging belt and lead is comfortable and durable, attaching firmly around your waist with an adjustable buckle. The belt comes with a specially designed leash that attaches securely to the metal fastening but if you prefer you can attach your favourite lead instead. What's more, the belt has an in-built pocket to store a water bottle, Ipod or your mobile phone. It also has reflective strips so that both you and your dog can stay safe in low light. 

If running isn't your thing, the belt is versatile and comfortable enough that you could use it cycling, hiking or just for a romp around the park. 

We think you'll love the feeling of hands-free dog walking and for a limited time the product is just £16.95!

The Jogging Belt and Leash- £16.95

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