Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Head Collar

The head collar is an effective tool to train your dog to stop pulling on the leash. There are several companies which make head collars, and though most of them are fitted in the same way, be sure to read the manufacturers instructions for fitting and use. Head collars take some getting used to, do not just place one on your dog and take him for a walk. His first impression will be lasting, so make it pleasant.

  1. Introduce the head collar to your dog slowly. Hold up the head collar by the top of the nose loop with one hand about 6 inches from your dog's nose. With the other hand, lure your dog's nose through the loop with a tasty dog treat. Repeat this three or four times, stop and put the head collar and treats away. Repeat this step several times at intervals spaced at least two hours apart.
  2. The next step is to place the head collar on the dog. Lure his nose through the loop as you did in step one. Now, buckle the straps that go around the dog's neck. Leave this portion of the collar loose for now. Once you buckle the collar, click and treat, pet and praise, or play with a toy for a few seconds. If your dog starts trying to remove the head collar, ask for a sit, give him some treats and have him focus on you for a few seconds. Remove the head collar. Repeat this step three to four times. Stop, and repeat several sets of this training session. Tighten the neck adjustment in small increments until it is fitted properly.
  3. When your dog is calmly wearing the properly fitted head collar, be sure to put it on him several times per day to create many opportunities for positive associations. He should wear his head collar at feeding time, while napping on the sofa watching television with you, while playing ball or going for a car ride. The head collar should be worn during activities your dog enjoys.
  4. When your dog is feeling happy when you place the collar on him, you may now attach his leash to the head collar and go for a walk. Try this in the backyard or house first. If he pulls, do NOT jerk on the leash. Stop walking. Wait until his leash goes slack again. This may take thirty seconds or so. If your dog continues to pull, slowly back up without jerking the leash, this will cause him to move toward you. The leash will go slack and you may resume walking with your dog. Try this for a few minutes at a time for several training sessions.
  5. Repeat Step 4 outside. Go for brief walks at first, gradually extending the distance you walk with your dog while he is on the head collar. Do not allow yourself to be dragged. Stop walking when the leash becomes taut. Do not jerk on the leash. Freeze. Then try backing up or moving in the opposite direction. Talk to your dog to keep him interested in you while walking.

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