Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Accessorizing your beloved bow-wow

Accessorizing your beloved bow-wow without making him/her (and you!) look completely ridiculous isn't easy. Sure, you can buy cute little booties and twee tartan coats, but these items are hardly cutting-edge in the doggie-style stakes, are they? That said, the fact that the aforementioned canine-couture is semi-practical (and not just for show) does give it a whippet-thin sheen of respectability. Because let's face it, Fido-related fashion crimes are all too commonplace these days - trussing Rover up in a daft polka-dot bandana is akin to saying "I'm really wacky, and my dog likes the Village People."
For this reason, we've been on the prowl for a piece of dogswear (a new word, we thinks) that'll benefit your darling dog in both the fashion and function stakes. And, as the legend that is Scooby Doo might say, "Re rink re've round one, Raggy!"
Doggles: large blue ILS Doggles are superbly made sunglasses. For dogs. Do not adjust your computer, you read that correctly. Incredible though it sounds, many vets and dogtors agree that canine eyes need protecting from the sun just as much as ours. All Doggles boast rugged polycarbonate (shatterproof) anti-fog lenses with 100% UV protection, and are ggggreat for dogs with eye disorders such as pannus and light sensitivity. Doggles are genuine doggy-health must-haves, and most dogs will readily accept them after a short adjustment period.
Doggles: champagne ILS The full-on goggle-style shades feature stylish air-vented wraparound frames that completely enclose the eyes, with no gaps for stray light, dirt or insects - perfect for dogs that like to lean out of car windows (and what self-respecting dog doesn't?) Two adjustable elastic straps keep Doggles securely in place during any (!) activity, and foam backing ensures Fido will feel supremely comfortable as he/she goes about all manner of ultracool canine business.
Doggles: large blue ILS Doggles are available in various sizes, so you can dude-ify your dog whatever the breed, and are ideal for woofers who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hiking, hunting or plain old posing. Doggles are also great for search and rescue dogs. Practicalities aside, Doggles are the coolest thing to hit dog-dom since Muttley donned a flying helmet, and are guaranteed to make your favourite furry friend the most talked about hound on the block. Woof!
Doggles: the range

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