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How to Walk your dog

Walking a dog is a daily task. It is super fun for you and your dog and is a way to keep your dog healthy. It should also bring you and your special friend closer. Here's step by step ways to walk your dog!

You'll need a dog leash and collar You can get those at your nearest pet shop, or you can order it online. Make sure the collar fits the dog ,and it should be no tighter than when you put two fingers in it, however it not be too loose, either. Commonly, a leash will be 6 feet, which is the industry standard.. This should be okay for most dogs and dog owners, and there should be no need to buy a longer leash. If you are purchasing a retractable leash, make sure your dog is obedient enough to walk on a standard leash.

Attach the collar to your dog, then put the leash on the collar's D-ring. If you have a standard leash, make sure you hold it correctly. Place your hand through the hole as if it is a bracelet, and then grip the leash. Also, if your dog has a tendency to pull, you may want a harness, which can be purchased at pet shops or online. A harness is beneficial because it does not choke your dog, and allows the pulling weight to be distributed across his chest and shoulders.

At first when your dog/puppy is first learning how to be on a leash, be very kind and supportive. If the dog doesn't know what to do, show it. To do that, show the dog that you're going to take it slow at first; Let the dog lead you first. After a while, you can lead the dog instead.

"Talk" to your dog. Always praise your dog for just walking with you and doing their business.

Take your dog out to a fun place! A park, a lake, a pet store etc. Don't walk your dog to the vets or on the next walk, it might be scared or upset.

Walk with an even pace. Not too slow or too fast.

Keep the dog's attention If the dog gets distracted, make a noise that will bring the dog back to you.

Don't let the dog leave your side If the dog gets in front of you, stop moving completely and wait for the dog to stop too.

Walk to the dog's side while it's still not moving and start walking together beside each other.

Have fun! Walking is one of the joys of having a dog; you have some relaxation time, your dog can socialize, and if you see your friends; have a little chat.

Make sure that if your dog decides to do its buisness on the walk, that you pick it up! It is an offence not to pick up your dogs mess. You can buy handy little bags from a pet store especially for picking up dog poop, or recycle your plastic grocery bags and use them as doggy-doo bags. Always remember to place your hand inside the bag so your hand never makes contact with the doggy-doo.

At the end of the walk, praise your dog and give him a treat once you arrive back home. It is easy to carry a small, light over-the-shoulder purse with many bags for your dog-doo cleanup, small treats, and water bottles (one for you, and one for your dog). They make special water bottles dogs that you can purchase at a pet store, or online.

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