Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lupine Collars

whooo hooo Lupine collars! Breeze has been getting way over the top and way too excited about agility, while she is in the crate and it is someone else's turn to play. Her latest problem trick has been to grab what ever she can get ahold of and drag it into her crate and chew it with the displaced frustration from not getting to be the lucky doggie to play agility at that moment. Do NOT get me wrong, I love her enthusiasm and I am very happy she likes to play agility with me, but we have had a fair amount of damage. So last week I bought some thin wood to put around the crates in the car and I moved things so they were not in reach of the crate and thought I had the whole thing totally puppy proof. I got back from running Liz at the fun run and found one of my favorite leashes in six pieces. DURN! Anyway, I thought I remembered that Lupine had a guarantee, and it is cute on their web site it says that they can not help you with the table leg your pup tears up, but they can help you out if your leash or collar gets chewed. So they say that you can mail the sad leash to them and with in 24 hours they will send you a new one, and they cover the postage back to you, or you can bring it to a store. So I went to the local feed store where I bought the leash, no receipt-just a sad story and chewed up leash parts and they said go get another one. End of story, how easy was that. Now just to figure out how to Breezie proof the back of the car, LOL. I think I am going to work on getting everything out of her reach-although I thought I had already done that, and then carry around some stuffed kongs. Perhaps I can get her to get addicted to grabbing and chewing her frustration out on them. I will let you know if that works.

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