Thursday, 19 April 2012

New arrivals - Dog socks

Grip socks
Introducing SM's new, hot off the line, Dog socks! So what would you do with them we hear you ask? 
Well, as we know dogs sweat through their feet, and disperse heat by panting, therefore by putting socks on them it helps protect your dog from cold floorboards within the home. Puppies especially have more sensitive paws as they have yet to develop and toughen those feet by running through the many different rough outdoor terrains. Dog socks will also help protect your floorboards and carpet from those nails or dirty paws if you have been out rambling with your dog.

As each sock is made from high quality cotton, nylon, elastane and silica grip, these dog socks are both comfortable and non-slip. 

Rubber sole Dog Socks

Our SM team have worked closely with the Factory in order to ensure that the product is comfortable to wear and of exceptional quality. Our Dog socks can be used in or outdoor (though we recommend them for indoor use).

From blue strips, pink beauties and yellow black patterns, you have much to choose from. As all socks come with silica grips, you dog need not worry about keeping your dog keeping their balance.

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