Tuesday, 21 August 2012

1000 Greyhounds World Record Attempt - be apart of it!

This Summer Scruff would like to welcome to the family Greyhound Sanctuary. Established in 2007 in the West Country, Greyhound Sanctuary aim to rescue and rehome abandoned, abused or unwanted greyhounds.  Currently Greyhound Sanctuary are using boarding kennels at Kinnings Farm, but as a young and still growing charity, kennel space is limited.

Though Greyhound Sanctuary is currently small, their fundraising attempts certainly are not!  This year on September 9th, Greyhound Sanctuary will be holding a 1000 Greyhounds World Record attempt for largest single breed dog walk at Eton, Devon.  So why not take part in the fun, and help raise funds for dog charity?  Visit 1000 Greyhounds World Record Attempt for more information on the event, how to take part, what you are supporting, the charities involved, rules and much more!  

And to show our support for this event, as well as the great work that the folks at Greyhound Sanctuary are doing, we are offering all supporters of this World Record attempt 10% off.  Just type "WorldRecord" to take advantage of this offer! 

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