Monday, 25 March 2013

Dogs in the Snow- Making the best of it.

I'm sure it hasn't escaped you that parts of the UK have been transformed into a winter wonderland in the past week, with blizzards, freezing conditions and train delays wreaking havoc for all us hard-working dog lovers. Now we may have more snow drifts than Snow Drops, but whilst we mourn the lack of spring, let's look at some pictures of dogs having a jolly good time in the snow. and why not eh?

"Light on his feet" via Worthwhilesmile
"If only I was taller".....Via Worthwhilesmile
Snow ain't going to stop this guy...via Mymodernmet

This guy should have brought a coat....via Citydata
He doesn't seem convinced... via Funnyanimalworld
"Because I'm Worth It".....via Wall321
Ruffwear Boots- as sold by ScruffMacduff!

Here at Scruff we have some snow essentials for those worried about their pup in the cold.
First, longstanding favourites, the Ruffwear Polar Trex outdoor footwear- perfect for those whose paws can't take the cold. The provide protection and comfort outside, as well as extra grip to prevent accidents:

Singles only 30 pounds.

Also from Ruffwear is our ultra-durable, water and wind-proof jacket. A worthwhile investment for what seems to be an extremely long winter.Available in small-extra large.

That's all for now Scruffies. Keep warm and keep happy in the snow.

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