Monday, 13 December 2010

Ruffwear Beacon

Ruffwear is kind enough to invest in Geardog’s safety and sent a care package his way. We were excited to see that the package included a Beacon safety light! The Beacon arrived just in time for us; last year’s strobe light had proven itself unreliable as the darkness descended this year. Since we Alaskans usually end up walking our dogs in darkness most of the winter, we have to find a way to keep track of our canine friends in the dark. The Beacon is a completely insanely bright red light that can clip to a collar or harness so you can track your dog from space. Well, maybe not from that far, but the Beacon is really super bright! We switched it on in daylight when we got it, and even then we were blinded by the brightness. This light is, er, noticeable to say the least. It has three modes – slow blink, seizure-inducing blink, and steady light. I usually use the steady mode, but if you really want to attract attention, the strobe mode will do it. On a collar or harness, the blinking light won’t shine in your dog’s eyes so they’re probably OK with it. Geardog never seems to notice the crazy lights I keep attaching to him, so the Beacon has his seal of approval.
The Beacon helps me keep track of Geardog on leisure walks and on searches and trainings, and helps drivers and other trail users spot him in the darkness. It’s another great tool that provides another layer of safety for dogs, so how can you refuse? Grab a Beacon for your dog today. 
Review by: GRR Gear
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