Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ruffwear Interactive Lunker Dog Toy

When conducting our reviews of dog toys, the Geargal and the Geardog spend a lot of time carefully assessing exactly what about the toy makes it a success or a failure. OK, fine – the Geardog either plays madly with the toy or he doesn’t, and the Geargal (that’s me) makes wild guesses as to why he does what he does with each particular item. It’s hard to say, because the Geardog’s taste in toys has evolved over the years from “furry and squeaky” to “flying” and finally to “big chunk of something on a rope.” This is what he’s into nowadays, and the Lunker is just the ticket. The Geardog digs the options he has with the Lunker; he can grab the rope and tug or grab the..the…lunk(?) and tug, or run, or shake, or toss, or whatever. Either way, he’s happy. I appreciate the non-slimy surface of the lunk, which, even when coated with dog slobber, wipes off pretty easily. This means I can carry it home in a pocket without having to scrape the slobber out of said pocket when I get home. That is, if I could fit the Lunker in a pocket – the thing is pretty big. Like the Gourdo, it comes in a big size and a small size. For dogs over 60 pounds, the big size is probably necessary, but more compact dogs would do fine with the small size and it’s easier to carry and stow anyway. However, the big size has a really nice, long rope, which would be a welcome addition to the small size, too. Longer rope = more pulling options, which means varied play which means happy dogs.
So, once again, the “something on a rope” formula is a success. If it can be pulled, tugged on, or ran around with, the Geardog digs it, but he digs the Lunker more than most. He likes the substantial lunk because he can get a good solid grip on it, and I like it because it’s low maintenance and easy to clean. Something for everyone, eh?
Review by: GRR Gear

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