Friday, 21 January 2011

Faraday, a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The star of the show today is Faraday, a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who runs round all day every day, is very friendly to both people and dogs and thinks even the most hardened dog-hater should love him. He is cared for by Brenda and lives in Wales.

Last September Faraday was referred to an eye-specialist vet because he had an ulcer on his cornea, and it was so deep the eye-ball could have exploded through the hole. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his body wasn't making enough tears to wash aggravating dust and pollen out his eyes.

He came home that night with a huge Buster collar (upturned lampshade) which stayed on for the next 7 weeks, except for when eating or having his eyes treated with drops 4 times a day. On one occasion he managed to break the stitches holding his right eye shut, so Brenda had to rush him to Caernarfon to have the stitches replaced.  

Taking Faraday for a walk was a nightmare. Brenda had to keep him on a short lead at all times to stop him heading into hedges and bushes; he wanted to be off running with his playmates, as they usually explore the woods together.
As Faraday was recovering, the vet suggested investing in a pair of Doggles so Faraday's eyes would be protected from debris. Brenda discovered Scruff MacDuff and ordered a pair in 'Racing Flame' as her sons have ski-hats with a similar design.  It didn't take long for Faraday to accept them, but he still occasionally tries to push them off.  To ensure he doesn't lose them, Brenda uses a small, lightweight carabiner to clip them to the D-ring on his collar.

The amber lenses in the Racing Flame doggles are designed for sunny weather - in the winter afternoon gloom, Faraday was running into trees, bushes, fence posts and people. As the ILS Doggles have interchangeable lenses, Brenda was able to order clear ones and that problem has been solved. 

Walking in the local country parks, Faraday's become quite a celebrity and people often stop to talk and take his picture. Who can blame them when Faraday looks so stylish?

Thanks to Brenda from Wales, for sharing Faraday’s story.20

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