Monday, 24 January 2011

what they say about dogs with big paws…

You may think big a dog equals big paws.  But after sizing up hundreds of dogs over the years, we’ve found that a dog’s  overall size and weight does not correlate with the size boot they wear.  Surprised?  Consider this: a man walks into a shoe store and asks the clerk, “I’m 200lbs, what size shoe do I wear?”
Here are few more reasons you can’t judge a paw by its dog.
1.     Ruff Wear boots are sized based on the WIDTH, not length, of the paw.  So even a dog with a long paw can wear a small size boot.
2.     Some big breeds have dainty paws, and some small breeds have wide paws.  Many typically “large” dogs (for example Greyhounds, Huskies, Ridgebacks, Dobermans) actually have small paws, while some smaller breeds have very large paws (Basset Hounds, Bull Dogs).
3.     The difference between a Small and Large boot is actually only half an inch, but that half-inch can mean the difference between a boot that stays on and one that doesn’t.  So hasty measurements or guessing the right size generally results in the wrong size.
1.    Have your dog stand on a firm surface.
2.    Place a piece of paper under the front paw.
3.    Lift dog’s opposite front paw so that the weight is placed firmly onto the paw being measured.
4.    Mark BOTH SIDES of the weighted paw at its widest point on the sheet of paper.

5.    Measure that distance, and choose correct boot size from the figure below.
Did you know? The most common Ruff Wear boot size among our customers is size Medium (2.75”).
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