Thursday, 19 May 2011

Customer Reviews: Sporn Non-Pull Harness

I have a 40KG German Shepherd, who is 15 months old. He had a diificult start in life, being taken from his mother too early, changing owner at 4 months and moving home several times, including to a different continent. He has become a very strong willed and difficult dog, although still very loveable. As a result, it has not been easy to control or train him and his pulling on the lead during walks is excessive. 

I bought the harness on the reccommendation of a friend, but when it arrived I was disappointed, because it seemed quite flimsy. In fact I was even concerned that it might break on account of my dog is so powerful. I'm pleased to say that I was proved totally wrong. Whilst the harness has far from stopped him pulling, it has, however, reduced the amount of effort I require to control him by at least 50%. Before I used to regularly suffer from neck, shoulder and arm aches and pains after long walks. Now this rarely occurs. Additionally I have now been able to stop using a choker chain, which I hate, but previously was the only means of having any meaningful control. Before a harness was totally unuseable. Maybe the description "non pull harness" is not quite accurate in my case, but certainly "much reduced pull" is valid. My dog is an extreme case and I would think that for 90% of dogs the harness would be totally effective. 

It's not particularly expensive and I would reccommend anybody to buy one and give it a try. It may not stop your dog pulling completely, but I would be very surprised if you didn't experience a significant improvement and a lot less effort required on your part.

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