Thursday, 19 May 2011

Customer Reviews: Web Master Harnesses Red Currant

The Web Master harness is the ideal gadget for dogs (and owners) who love the outdoors. In combination with the Ruff Wear "Roamer" bungee lead, it allows the dog a lot of freedom while still securely attached. In difficult terrain, the handle is great to help your pooch up that difficult climb; it's also great quickly to get hold of your dog in tricky situations, much easier than trying to grip the collar (and friendlier than grasping the tail!)

I use the harness on my 7 months old standard poodle for rambles over Dartmoor, where he needs to stay on the lead near livestock, especially in nesting/lambing season. The Web Master is a lot easier on the puppy than clipping the lead to the collar. Amazingly, he hardly pulls against the lead, compared with the classic lead/collar combination.

5 stars from Charley and me for this well though-out and well made piece of kit!

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