Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Offers

Nearly the end of November now, which means time for Xmas.  And if you live in an area that Scruff and staff do, Xmas decorations were already up at the end of October.  Yes, it's that time of year again, and Scruff has started his Xmas offers.  Spend £90 and get £10 off your total order, or spend £50 and get £5 off your total order.

And to share that extra bit of holiday cheer, Scruff is also offering free delivery to all orders over £70 as well.  So if you spend £90 or more you will recieve £10 off and free delivery on your order!

So what you waiting for - Browse Scruff MacDuff now

Here are some gift ideas to get you started -

Ruffwear Jackets

Scruff is currently promoting Ruffwear boots and jackets to keep his fellow dog friends happy.

The Quinzee insulated lightweight jacket.  Perfect to protect your dog from the cold!  Click here to learn more about the Quinzee jacket.

Want to know what other coats and jackets Scruff has to offer?

Click here now to view Ruffwear Jacket summary comparison page! 

Browse Ruffwear Jackets at Scruff MacDuff now

Ruffwear Boots

Want boots with that jacket?  Scruff has 3 different types of dog boots on his range, choose the right one with our Ruffwear boots summary comparsion page.

Click here now to view Ruffwear boots summary comparison page

Browse Ruffwear boots at Scruff MacDuff now

Dog Packs

But why not also browse our Scruff MacDuff's backpacks, so that your best friend can help you carry those gifts home!? 

Ruffwear Approach Dog Rucksack

Ruffwear Palisades Dog Rucksack

Ruffwear Singletrak Pack

Sierra Extreme Dog Backpack

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