Monday, 21 November 2011

Winter is upon us!

Winter, winter is upon us! As you get ready with the snow shovels, deicers and even bags of salt, don’t forget to get your beloved dog his boots and jackets so he too can storm the winter blues.

The Cloud Chaser jacket and Polar Trek boots
 The Quinzee is a sleeveless puffer jacket, for the trendy and warm dog! Made with thermal insulation, abrasion free outer shell with a reflective trim, this jacket is all you need for those in town excursions, walks through the snow, and even to wear in the cold home as the heating fires up. Suited for wear during the SEVERE COLD weather, the Quinzee also comes with an integrated stow sack allowing you to conveniently stow away the jacket neatly and easily. 

The Cloud Chaser jacket is the ultimate full body armour for your dog. With fleece insulation, and a three layered weatherproof upper and stretch belly panel, the Cloud Chaser will shield your dog against wind, snow, rain and water. Suited for wear during SEVER, CHANGING WEATHER, the Cloud Chaser is the daddy of all jackets. Suitable for wear snow activities including skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, and even runs through the severe cold and snowy weather.
Shadow with his Grip Trek boots, Doubleback harness and Doggles

Skyliner, the lightweight and pliable boot, is suited for walking on pavements outdoors, and great indoors with its non marking sole. Made with a water resistant upper, the Skyliner will help keep dirt, debris and water out. 

Grip Trek, the high traction rugged lug (sole grip) boot, is great for dogs struggling to walk in uneven, rough and unstable e.g. slush or icy conditions. The Grip Trek is made with breathable mesh upper material for comfort and ventilation. 

Polar Trek, the ultimate insulated cold weather boot with extended gaiter, is ideal for ice and snow. With non Velcro straps to help keep the boot on, a weatherproof insulated upper to help keep the paws warm and dry, and a vibram ice specific sole to provide great traction on snow and ice, the Polar Trek is a must have for your dog this winter!

Scruff MacDuff recommend the Cloud Chaser jacket and Polar Trek boots this Christmas to not only help keep your dog nice and warm, but to also allow him/her the freedom to run in the snow without risk of catching a cold. 

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