Thursday, 9 February 2012

Deals of the Week

Deals of the Week

New products added to Scruff's Deals of the Week.  When shopping at Scruff MacDuff don't forget to check out the "Offers and discounts" page to see if you can get more discounts!  

If you haven't heard yet, you could win a West Paw jacket by entering Scruff's competition.  Details can be found in the "Competition zone" page.  

Vibram K9 Stick with Rope
Vibram K9 rope

Have fun with this Vibram® Stick, made by My Good Dog in the USA, from natural rubber (nitrosamine free) for durability and toughness. Vibram is used in the manufacture of quality walking boots and athletic shoes. This toys is extremely tough, yet soft & flexible in your dog's mouth.  

A great toy for chewing, tugging, fetching and rewarding, get your K9 stick now!


Like humans, dogs also suffer from the consequences of growing old i.e. arthritis, aches and pains, stiffness etc.  But dogs need not suffer alone as magnetic therapy has arrived for dogs as well.  Using the same method to help humans, magnetic therapy uses the field of magnets to ease pain.  

Magnetic Dog Collar
This magnetic dog collar is made from a highly durable poly-cotton material, which means that it is suitable for use with a lead.  And contains a magnetic strip (300 gauss in strength) which is north towards the dog's body.  

This Magnetic Dog collar will not effect security chips, is drug free and non invasive healthcare product, recommended for aged pets, and those suffering from rheumatic or arthritic disorders.  What's more, it's guaranteed by Scruff for 12months!  

West Paw jacket

(Sky Blue) 

Just as the name suggests, this jacket is perfect for those shower burst & misty days!  What's more the West Paw Cloudburst Jacket is also eco-conscious as it's made from 100% recycled polyester fabric, is light & comfortable to wear, & is easily cleaned as it's machine washable (cold).  

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