Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Deals of the Week

Deals of the Week
An addition has been added onto our Deals of the Week...  The ever popular Doggles ILS, in Racing Flame flavour, a necessity for the "cool".

Doggles are the first and only eye wear made especially just for dogs!  With 12 years experience, these Doggles interchangeable lens (ILS) -

                                              Get your Doggles ILS Racing Flame now

Doggles ILS Racing Flame

  • will allow you to change the colour or just replace the lens if scratched or worn out 
  • have a deep lens cut
  • wide nose bridge
  • padded & flexible rubber frame
  • soft elastic & adjustable head & chin straps
  • anti-fog
  • shatterproof
  • 100% UV protection.    
So what are you waiting for, get yours now - cause your best friend's worth it! 

"What u looking at?!"


  1. Why would a dog need glasses? swimming? snow? bath? Can someone please post after they have used them and give a review!

  2. Doggles can be used for swimming if you wanted, we also sell float jackets for dogs!

    They can also be used to protect the dog's eyes from flying debris from poking their head out the car window, or from the desert sand storms.

    Others include fancy dress & sky diving, all of which you can have a look at the blog entries if you type the word "Doggles" into the search box located on the top left corner of this blog.

    Hope this helps.