Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bald puppy Splash needs a new home after heartless owner abandoned her in floods

She was spotted trembling in the rain, an adorable puppy all the more vulnerable because of a skin condition which means she doesn’t have a single hair on her body.

Adorable Splash was abandoned in torrential rain.
Cruelly abandoned by her owner, the young Staffordshire cross was found wandering the streets of Leeds during the worst of Yorkshire’s torrential rain last Friday.

It was a concerned passer-by who saw her suffering and alerted the Dogs Trust.

Splash has a skin condition which has left her mostly bald.
Now being sheltered by the animal charity, staff have fallen in love with the 12-week-old puppy and have named her Splash.

Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust Leeds manager, said: “Poor Splash endured an awful day when she was found on Friday. The rain had been relentless and spending all day out in it is unimaginable.

“Although Splash’s chronic skin condition isn’t infectious, it does means that she experiences itching and pain but she is starting to make leaps and bounds now that she is receiving the vet treatment she needs and the love and attention she deserves.”

The Dogs Trust is now calling for potential new owners to provide Splash with a happy home. She would need regular checkups because of her skin condition, known as demodectic mange.

“Splash needs an owner who can provide her with the tender loving care she has missed out on,” said Ms Sands said. “She is very loving and affectionate and would make a wonderful friend for someone.”

Article from Yahoo

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