Friday, 13 July 2012

Service Dogs Help Carry The Olympic Torch and Spirit

The Olympic games are always a wonderful time to see the world coming together. This year’s Olympics will be even more Fit As Fido as the Olympic torch will be accompanied along part of its journey by two amazing service dogs and their owners.

 Wendy Morrell and Udo and their good friends Karen Ruddlesden and Coco will get their chance July 13th to help move the torch to start the games. Wendy and Karen are also using this opportunity to help spotlight a couple important service dog charities in the UK:

- Dogs for the Disabled
- Medical Detection Dogs

Both of these organizations train dogs that help make people more independent and Wendy and Udo travel across the globe speaking at conferences to help improve the lives of people with disabilities and impairments. For Wendy, this year’s torch carrying will bring back memories of carrying the torch in 2008 with service dog Caesar. Wendy’s work with Caesar and Udo has dramatically helped increase public awareness of the incredible impact from service dogs.

Kudos to Wendy and Karen for the awesome work you’re doing to educate people about the amazing impact of service dogs in people’s lives. Be sure to give Udo and Coco some extra belly rubs from me and all of your Fit As Fido friends.

Article from Fit As Fido Friends.

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