Sunday, 23 October 2011

Aliens have landed...

It was a cold dark & eerie night pierced only by the howling winds outside, Scruff was unsettled...  
[A NOISE!]  He lifts his head from his chest & pokes his nose from out with his warm fleece blanket... 

[Aaarrrggggghhhhhh......]  It sounded like a low humming sound from the living room.  Quiet follows & Scruff hides back into his warm bed.  

[Aaarrg//]  The noise suddenly stops, and the sound of [crumpling] follows.  Slowly Scruff inches out from beneath his blanket...  The wind was still howling.  Shivering as his paw touches the laminate floors, he cautiously moves towards the sound; ears perked & fur standing on end.  

"GREETINGS Scruff dog, I come in peace." 

[Thud!]  Scruff had fainted.  Before the fading black of unconsciousness Scruff had caught a glimpse of it...  A squishy green alien being held out in front of him.

"Trick or treat!"  Uncle Phyto had bought + scared Scruff with a new toy.

As Scruff regains his consciousness he chomps at the alien which is now lying next to him.  Shaking it, the green eyed monster was thus named Elvis, "all shook up".

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