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Ear Mites in Dogs

Ear Mites in Dogs : Everything you need to know about ear mites in dogs, how to spot the signs and symptoms of dog ear mites as well as the treatment for dog ear mite infestations.
Ear mites in dogs are parasites that look like tiny crabs, which infest the ear canals in dogs. The scientific name of these parasites is otodectes cyanotis and is commonly present not only on the ears of dogs, but on cats as well. These ear mites are also commonly found at the neck, tail and rump.
It is possible that dogs may have ear mites, but will not manifest any discomfort at all. However, other animals at your home or around may be affected by the ear mites and develop some allergic reactions.

How to Spot the Signs of Ear Mites in Dogs

Ear mites if left untreated my cause damage to a dog’s ear canal or result to deafness. Therefore, it is essential that you spot the signs of ear mites to help you decide if you need the help of a veterinarian. It is usual for dogs to scratch their ears occasionally, but excessive scratching may be a sign that your dog has ear mites. Observe if the scratching is already damaging the skin of the ear and if there is bleeding or sores.
Presence of ear mites will make the dog shake his head frequently because of itchiness. If the ears are badly infected and swollen, the dog will have the tendency to walk unsteadily and hold his head tilted to one side. It is also best that dog owners check the buildup of wax in the ears of their dogs. Dogs with ear mites will have thick, crusty, and dark brown discharge from both ears. Usually, the discharge has foul odor.

Treatment for Ear Mites in Dogs

Most of the time, dog owners can see tiny ear mites crawling, but the veterinarian uses a microscope to examine and diagnose sample of earwax from the dog.
If the dog has ear mites, it should be treated immediately in order to avoid damaging other parts of the dog’s body and prevent other animals in your home to be infested.
Start the treatment by swabbing out the inside of the dog’s ear with a cotton ball. Use an ear-cleaning solution to fill the ear canal of both ears until it overflows. Massage the opening of your dog’s ear to let the solution circulate the ear and let it remain for about five minutes.
Let your dog shake his head and swab out the remaining solution with a cotton ball. Repeat this procedure every day for seven to ten consecutive days. Continue the ear washes at least once a week to make sure that the ear mites are eradicated.

How to Avoid Ear Mites in Dogs from Recurring

Avoiding ear mites is not always possible, but treatments using numerous medications to prevent further ear damage can be done any time. Cleaning your dog’s bedding and cage is essential to avoid ear mites from infesting your dog. Regular inspection of your dog’s ears is also helpful to detect if your dog has ear mites. Early detection will help prevent ear damage and infection.
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