Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Scruff Macduff would like to introduce a new product in our range - The Thundershirt, to treat dog anxiety.

Dog anxiety is more common than you think.  Anything from loud sounds, travelling in a vehicle to sounds and actions in everyday life can upset your dog causing him/her to bark, shake and/or even fidget through pacing or just running around aimlessly.  Perhaps you have even witnessed more types of symptoms yourself. 

Instead of the use of medication, company Thundershirt have come up with an alternative solution to help your dog tackle these anxieties.  Introducing, well, The Thundershirt.

Use ThunderShirt for -

Fear of thunder, separation anxiety, barking problems, any noise anxiety, car or travel anxiety, crate anxiety, leash Pulling and general training tool.

Browse The Thundershirt at Scruff Macduff now.

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