Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rain.. Sun.. Sun.. Gale.. Snow.. Sun.. Rain..

Oh and the occasional rainbow too.

Based in Scotland you can imagine the variation of weather Scruff and his poor humans go through in one single day, while every other dog and human down south is probably taking out his cool Doggles to bask in the continuing sunlight. Are we jealous?  Well it depends, especially for all those snow dogs and winter sports enthusiasts out there as the first snow has already been reported to have fallen in the Cairngorm Mountain.  

But no worries, rain or gale, we got it covered with our Ruffwear light jackets, coats and even float jackets should you decide to get a lot wetter.

Sun, ha!  Keep protected with your own pair of Doggles and sunscreen.

Don't get cold paws running out bare pawed into the snow, prepare for it with our Ruffwear boots, and dog coats for the more sensitive out there. 

So keep cool/dry/warm where ever you are,

Scruff (and his team)

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