Tuesday, 13 December 2011

PDSA's Top 5 Xmas Hazards

PDSA have stated the top 5 hazards which occur with dogs over Xmas -

PDSA’s Top 5 Christmas Hazards
1.    Swallowing foreign bodies – accidents have included swallowing toys, and decorations
2.    Accidental poisoning through chocolate, raisins, artificial sweeteners, batteries
3.    Gastric torsion – twisted stomach often caused by vigorous exercise after a large meal
4.    Hypothermia – low body temperature from exposure to cold weather
5.    Accidental injury – pulling over the Christmas tree, slipping on ice, chewing on electric cables, treading on broken baubles

Part of PDSA article - Greedy puppy gets more than he wished for

Is your beloved dog prone to these hazards?  Have any stories which you would like to share with Scruff and his friends, write to Scruff at social@scruffmacduff.co.uk

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