Monday, 19 December 2011

Deals of the Week

Deals of the Week

Stubb'r Shock Absorber Dog Lead (Silver)
Stubb'r Shock Absorber Lead

Does your dog get excited & start to pull on the lead?  Perhaps your dog is too strong, or your child is unable to hold back the dog as he tries to run off after a squirrel.  Stubb'r Shock absorber dog lead will not only help you to keep your dog in check, but will be absorb much of the stress on your own joints from the jerking and pulling actions of your dog!

This ergonomically correct lead is made of latex derived from 100% natural rubber.  The 26" rubber tubing is reinforced and can stretch to twice its size (max).  The Stubb'r is only available in X-Large for dogs 70-140lbs (32-64kg).

Beige Tartan Lambskin Coat

The ultimate smart coat for your dog!  Dressing up for those festive parties?  Look great, and warm, with this lambskin, fleece lined turn over collar tartan beige coat by Tabitha and Angus (what a mouthful!).  With Velcro fastenings around the rib cage and chest, this coat is easy to put on & take off.

If only Brain had such a coat, he would look more Sherlock cool, don't you think??

Is your dog jumpy?  Anxious at sudden and/or strange noises?  Excitable even?  Try this non invasive, no training necessary, and easy to put on Thundershirt!  

For more detailed information and a video of how the Thundershirt works, click here.  Or alternatively search for Thundershirt on this blog.  

Hoopie Collar Cascades

The classic styling of this collar makes it sleek enough for city streets and tough enough for the wilderness. Available in four solid colours and four patterns. Try our matching Flat Out™ Leash for the complete set.

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